Monitoramento On-line Sistema de imagem térmica de TI3000

Código do item: TI3000 384 x 288 pixels

Categoria: Sistemas de monitoramento de segurança térmica - Monitoramento On-line Sistema de imagem térmica

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ULIRVISION TI3000|TI6000 can provide temperature monitoring and security monitoring for electrical equipments, machinery, flammable materials and important facilities on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year. They can find accident potentials in the first time and give auto alarms to ensure the company’s safe production.

Principais Características

◆ Visual light & thermal imaging dual-channel real-time monitoring
◆ Monitoring in zero illuminance, smog and spray
◆ System front-end temperature measurement technology, quick and accurate temperature measurement
◆ 1 optical fiber to complete all controls and data transmission
◆ Auto cruise, auto alarm and report auto generating

Detector Data

Type Uncooled FPA
Pixels 384×288  
Pixel pitch 17μm
Spectral range 7.5~14μm
NETD 65mK 40mK

Lens Data

FOV/Minimum imaging distance 24°×18°/40cm
IFOV 1.3mrad  
Focus Auto/Manual
Lens(Optional) 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm motorized or athermal lens

CCD Camera

Resolution 1920×1080
Min. Illumination Color: 0.01 Lux@(F1.2, AGC ON) B/W: 0.001 Lux@(F1.2, AGC ON)
Zoom 12x(Digital)、36x(Optical)

Pan & Tilt

Horizontal rotation angle 0° ~360° continuous rotation
Presets Supporting 255
Vertical angle Max: -75 ~+40°


Temperature range Standard: -20 ℃~+350 ℃ Optional: -20℃~+1200℃
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% of reading
Mode Software settings
Correction Auto/Manual

Image Storage

Original image capture Back-end manual capturing single frame,
data image captured can be analysed & temperature-measured
Image storage H.264 real-time continuous image recording Single image storage, BMP format

Power System

External power AC: 220
Power consumption ≤75W (@25 ℃ normal operation )

Environmental Data

Operation temp range -40 ℃~+60℃
Humidity ≤95% (non-condense)
Encapsulation IP66


Running environment Windows platform
Customized content Cruise route, cruise time, cruise times
Operation mode Auto/Manual
Report mode Supporting Word/PDF output
Monitoring type Remote monitoring (temperature can be overlayed)
Query & Records Recording alarms & abnormal thermal images, providing historical inquiry

Hardware configuration

Memory RAM: ≥512M
HD Space ≥20G
Monitor resolution Monitor resolution: 1440×900, 256colors, installed with CD-ROM


Type 100Mbps
Internet Low Bandwidth Supporting low-bandwidth operation mode, covering not more than 0.8M bandwidth when transmitting temperature data & image data simultaneously
Standard IEEE802.3
Connector RJ-45
General Protocols Supporting IEC60870-5-104、IEC61850
False Alarm Prevention Identification System System's auto elimination for the surrounding thermal sources interference
Service Immediate feedback, 24-hr online service

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