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Código do item: TI65 640 x 480 pixels

Categoria: Sistema de imagem térmica UAV - Monitoramento on-line câmara de imagem térmica

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TI35|TI65 are with advanced thermal imaging technologies and are our innovative thermal imaging products for online monitoring system.They are suitable for long-distance monitoring for machines, electrical equipment and flammable materials; they can detect potential dangers in time so as to ensure the safety in production.

Principais Características

◆ 384×288|640×480, 17μm uncooled FPA detector
◆ Multiple motorized lenses, supporting auto focusing
◆ Auto tracking of hot spots and showing the temperature values
◆ Thermal images, temperature and temperature data flows are saved
◆ 100M network transmission temperature data
◆ Compact structure with weight of 420g
◆ Professional software for free


Detector Data

Type Uncooled FPA
IR resolution 640×480  
Pixel pitch 17μm
Spectral range 7.5~14μm
NETD/Sensitivity 65mK


FOV/Minimum imaging distance 24°×18°/30cm
IFOV 0.65mrad  
Focus Auto/Motor

Image Performance

Image enhancement IVE image enhancement algorithm
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Digital zoom 2X、4X
Color palletes 10 palletes(including iron, rainbow, white hot and black hot etc.)


Temperature range -20℃~+200℃(can be extended to 600℃)
Temperature accuracy ±2℃/±2%(reading)
Highest temperature tracking Display the location and value of the highest temperature point
Measurement correction Auto
Emissivity correction Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from list of materials
Background temperature correction Auto
Atmospheric transmissivity correction Auto
Fliter or window transmittance Auto
Setting function Date/time, temperature unit ℃/℉/K, language

Data Storage

Temperature data Customized UDS, use IRSee to analyze
Temperature data flow Customized UTD, use IRSee to playback, freezable、loop、image processed when playing
Image format JPG format
Video format AVI format, H.264 compression
SD card 32G high speed TF card
Storage control Serial port command, level trigger or key trigger is optional
Report Word format, customized format function


Internet interface 100M Ethernet, RJ45, temperature data transmission
Power interface Yes
Video output CVBS
Control port RS232
Installation interface UNC 1/4”-20 standard interface, M3 treaded joint

Power System

DC supply DC: 12V
Power consumption <3.6W

Environment Parameters

Operation temperature range -30℃~+60℃
Storage temperature range -40℃~+70℃
Humidity ≤95%(Non-condense)
Vibration 2G(IEC60068-2-6)
Shock 25G(IEC60068-2-29)
Encapsulation IP54(IEC60529)

Physical Data

Size(L×W×H) 105mm×65mm×72mm
Weight ≤420g(with 25mm athermal lens)


Standard Thermal imaging camera with 25mm athermal lens, intergation cable, software CD, warranty card, certificate, calibration book, transport case

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