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TD90 is an innovative NDT - Non Destructive Testing equipment, which detects, pinpoints and documents flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera. Being with high sensitivity, it is a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signals from faraway and nearby sources. It is an ideal predictive maintenance device for overhead transmission lines and high voltage substations.It is widely used in transmission line inspection, electrical utilities, HV research institutes, HV electrical component inspection, HV panel inspection, service providers, laboratories and so on.

Principais Características

◆ High sensitivity to UV signals
◆ Precise location of corona emitting sources
◆ Auto focus of UV and visible channels
◆ Light weight 2.5kg
◆ 5.7” foldable color LCD
◆ UVSee report software for documentation

UV - Optical properties

Image type Monochrome video
UV sensitivity ≤3 x 10-18watt/cm²
Minimum discharge detection 1.5pC @ 10 meters
Spectral range 240-280nm
FOV 5.5° x 4.0°
Focus Auto/Manual
Focus range 2m~∞
Detector life span No degradation

Visible - Optical properties

Image type Color video
Visible light sensitivity 0.1 Lux
Focus Auto/Manual
Zoom 12x(Digital)、25x(Optical)

Image Performance

Image Display 5.7” VGA color transflective sunlight readable LCD, folding and touchable, 640×480
UV image enhancements Digital filtering denoising
Image frozen Freeze the real time image
Frequency 50Hz
Modes Combined (UV & visible), UV only, Visible only
Video standard PAL/NTSC

Image Storage

Image format JPG
Video format AVI
Media download Via Card Reader, USB
Audio format WAV
Playback Video/Pictures/Audio
SD card 8G SD card
Storage capacity 8000 images or 4 hr video

Data process

UV/Visible Overlay Accuracy Better than 1 milliradian
UV image integral time Can set the integral time
Video streaming H.264 standard

Functional characteristics

Alarms Audio or LED
Menu Button operation or touchable operation
Location GPS
Time/Date Can set and save time/date
Software upgrade Upgrade via SD card
Analysis software Generate report

Output Interface

Power interface Yes
Video output CVBS
Audio output Microphone
SD card slot Yes
Tripod 1/4”-20

Power System

External power AC: 110V-240V / DC: 50-60Hz/9V 4A
Battery type Rechargeable Li-Ion
Operation runtime 2hours
Charge Online charging or charger
Power consumption ≤10W
Power saving Yes

Environmental Data

Operation temp range -20 ℃~+50℃
Storage temp range -25 ℃~+60℃
Humidity ≤95% (non-condense)
Shock 2G(IEC60068-2-6)
Vibration 25G(IEC60068-2-29)
Encapsulation IP54(IEC60529)
EMC EN61000-6-4&EN61000-6-2/FCC47CFR Part15 class A/EN61000-4-8.L5

Physical Characteristics

Size 238mm×165mm×91mm
Weight ≤2.5kg


Standard Corona Camera UVSee TD90,AC power adapter,2pcs Li-ion battery,charger,SD card,SD card reader,video cable,CDROM ( UVSee software and Manual), Warranty card, Strap, transport case, USB Cable
Option Laptop,Tripod

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